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If you need a professional business plan to present to a bank

for a loan or other form of financing, we can help.

Keystone's experience as a business valuation firm well-positions us to offer you professional business plan preparation assistance.  We have a breadth of experience across many industries in Ontario and we are well-acquainted with the financing needs of the small and medium-sized business.

With experience in business valuation, transaction advisory and financing we can work with you to express your vision into a coherent business plan that you can proudly present.  Whether it is for your banker or for your own internal business planning purposes, a detailed business plan can set you apart from the crowd and get your company noticed.

Our business plans include the following elements, as required:

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Description
    • Brief description of the company and opportunity
    • Key milestones achieved to date
    • Business location and other key data points
    • Key management team bios
  • Market Overview
    • Historical and current market size
    • Key drivers and challenges / trends in the marketplace
    • Major players in the market
    • Nature of competition
    • Market outlook
  • Competitive Landscape
    • Unique value proposition of the business versus major competitors
  • Potential Risks
    •  Potential risks aligned with the business plan and risk mitigation strategies
  • Marketing Plan
    • Current stage of business development
    • Proposed commercialization timeline
    • Description of target market
    • Relationships with key suppliers
    • Advertising and promotion plan
    • Pricing and distribution plan
    • Human resources plan
  • Financial Plan
    • 3-5 year (as relevant) forecast income statement
    • 3-5 year (as relevant) forecast balance sheet
    • 3-5 year (as relevant) forecast cash flow statement
    • Forecast of working capital requirements of the business
    • Capital expenditure plan
    • External financing required from a financial institution

We will work with you to prepare a business plan that reflects your goals for your company - whether it is a startup in seek of capital or an established business needing a bank loan.  We will help you by writing your business plan but it is ultimately  your ideas and vision that will guide us.  We will also offer you our advice and guidance as required. 

We can also introduce you to various financial institutions that we have relationships with.

Please contact us to discuss your business plan needs. 

Steve Skrlac, B.A.(Econ), MBA, CFA, CBV

We serve clients in Toronto, GTA, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and the  surrounding areas.

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